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Apollo Group Phoenix University Essay

What constitutes as training? The answer to this question is there is formal and informal training. Formal training is those programs that take place in an educational or training institution, with the goal of obtaining a certificate, diploma, or degree. A broader definition could also include structured activities that are not part of formal training and often referred to as non-credit on â€Å"non-informal learning activities†-usually called â€Å" informal learning†- are not usually considered to constitute training per se, but they may influence participation by learners. The objective of trainings in my selected organization is based on its strategy to out beat its competitors through delivery of quality products in an on time delivery status and this is accomplished through informal trainings (Palameta, Meyers, Gyarmati, Voyer, 2014). The relationship between training programs design and capabilities are to recognize the purpose of the training program which is to help employees learn the skills needed to help the organization accomplish its strategies in meeting customers’ expectations of services and products offered by the company and to build on wealth for its shareholders. To design an efficient training program it is up to the trainer to establish what the capabilities of the organizations employees are to become effective learners and what changes in behaviors of employees contribute to specific learning outcomes, this would include, verbal information, which is recall of names or labels, facts and bodies of knowledge. It includes specialized knowledge that employees need in their jobs, for example in my selected organization which is a distribution center for Hon Furniture Manufacture, it is imperative that employees know the technique of using a scanner to scan product into location, label product for specific stops on delivery and stage those specific products in the correct loading zones. All of these function rely on recall of information. Intellectual skills which consist of concepts and rules. This is important  trait for employees to have for solving problems, serving customers and creating problems. In the Hon organization employees input and ideals are encouraged on how to move product in the most efficient safe and timely manner, employees are rewarded for ideals that best suit the companies day to day operations. Motors skills are critical for Hon Distribution Center as motors skill include coordination of physical movement, employees that are hired to do the job for the company must be able to left product in a safe manner and move product to different location within the facility and load product into specified transportation vehicles. All employees start the day with a trainer guided exercise before the start of work each work day. And are required to attend trainings for safe lifting practices each year (Noe, 2011). Attitudes of employees toward the organization is important, it consist of the beliefs and behavior of each individual employee, It is important to the organization that each employee is recognized for hard work done and that the employee are given a chance to express thoughts and given feedback on work performance before the end of each shift. Employees are made to feel that their beliefs and thoughts matter to the organization and that they are not just considered workers for the company. Cognitive strategies relate to the process of learning, employees are directed during the learning process to relate learning material to the importance of being able to complete a job for the organization in the most efficient and safe manner and how to solve problems when they arise on the job (Noe, 2011). References Last Name, F. M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From – To. Last Name, F. M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name.

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Environment Analysis for Boost Juice Bar Essays

Environment Analysis for Boost Juice Bar Essays Environment Analysis for Boost Juice Bar Paper Environment Analysis for Boost Juice Bar Paper This created an advantage in Boosts marketing process. Weather: Australia has long, dry and hot summer. Fresh and cool Boost juice is highly preferred in weather like this. Competitive situation analysis (1 ) Competitors Direct competitors I Indirect competitors I Viva Fusion; Pulp Juice;Kick Juice Bar;And other juice bars. Sell bottle juice;Smoothies retail sellers;Low fat yoghurt retail sellers. (2) Porters five forces (3) Competitive advantage Boost is in a monopolistic competition with target market of young Stores Australians. Although Boost is growing faster and bigger than its competitors, it still need to be aware of them. Boosts greatest advantage is its friendly relationship with customers, including good service at the branch, fun web page targeting young buyers and the Boost guarantee which encourages customers to give feedbacks. Company analysis (1) Mission statement Objective 1 : to become the leading company in juice bar industry; Objective 2: to make Boost a global phenomenon (Boost juice bar 2011 (2) Company resources Financial strength: Boost has its advantage in the low cost production and invention. It also has made an agreement with Riverside Company in which Riverside becomes Boosts overseas investor. With Riversides Asian fund, Boosts expansion into international market is fully supported. Production capability and flexibility: shortage in fruit supply due to nature disaster is a gig threat to Boosts production. Besides that, Boosts production is very flexible that can suit all customers requirement. Marketing strength: Boosts major marketing strength is provided by its brand. It understands young customers need and want hence present them a wide menu of juice and smoothies. The low cost of workers training also puts Boost in an advanced position. SOOT Strengths: Well-known brand;Low cost of operation and production;Low price;High profitability;Good reputation as healthy food provider;Short production process;Love requirement of staff skill;Owning cultural preference. Weakness:Highly relies on supply chain;No price advantage. Opportunities: Healthier life style trend in Australia;Partnership with Riverside;Succeed overseas operations.   Threats: Relies on seasonal factor too much;Open market allows more competitors to entry;Hard to take market share from other countries local brand. Conclusion Overall, Boost owns a stable position in fruit juice and smoothies market. The macro environment is mostly friendly to the company and allows it to grow freely. Its competitive position is positive. Although facing a market thick of competitors, Boost seems to be able to hold its place.

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A Few Words about our Oldest Science

A Few Words about our Oldest Science Astronomy is one of those subjects that just reaches out and grabs you the first time you step outside under a sky full of stars. Sure, its a science, but astronomy is also a cultural practice. People have watched the skies since the first person looked up and wondered about what was up there. Once they got the hang of observing and noticing what was happening in the sky, it wasnt long before people figured out a way to use the sky as a calendar for planting, growing, harvesting, and hunting. It aided in survival.   Noticing Sky Cycles It didnt take long for observers to notice that the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Or, that the Moon moves through a monthly cycle of phases. Or, that certain spots of light in the sky move against the backdrop of stars (which appear to twinkle due to the action of Earths atmosphere).. Those wanderers, which look more disk-like, became known as planets, after the Greek word planetes. From Earth, with the naked eye, you can seeMercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The others require a telescope, and are quite faint. The point is, these are things you can see for yourself.   Oh, and you can also see the Moon, which is one of the easiest objects to observe. Study its mottled surface and it will show you evidence of ancient (and recent) bombardments. Did you know that the Moon was created when Earth and another object collided early in solar system history? And, if we didnt have a moon, there might not be life on Earth?   Thats a fascinating aspect of astronomy that most of us dont think about! Star Patterns Help you Navigate the Sky If you watch the sky a few nights in a row, youll notice star patterns. Stars are more or less randomly arranged in three-dimensional  space, but from our point of view on Earth, they appear in patterns called constellations. The Northern Cross, also known as Cygnus the Swan, is one such pattern. So is Ursa Major, which contains the Big Dipper, and the constellation Crux in the Southern Hemisphere skies. While those are merely a trick of perspective, those patterns help us make our way around the sky. They add order to an otherwise chaotic-seeming universe. You Can Do Astronomy You dont need much to do astronomy: just your eyes and a good dark sky sight. Oh, you can add in binoculars, or a telescope to help magnify your view, but they arent necessary when youre getting started. For thousands of years, people did astronomy without any fancy equipment at all.   The science of astronomy began as   people went out and observed each night and made notes of what they saw. In time, they DID build telescopes, and eventually attached cameras to them, to record what they saw. Today, astronomers use the light (emissions) from objects in space to understand a great deal about those objects (including their temperatures and motions in space). To do this, they  use ground-based AND space-based observatories to study the far distant reaches of the universe. Astronomy concerns itself with studying and explaining everything from nearby planets to the earliest galaxies that formed not long after the universe was born, some 13.8 billion years ago.   Making Astronomy a Career To do Big Astronomy, people need a solid background in math and physics, but they still need a basic familiarity with the sky. They need to know what stars and planets are, and what galaxies and nebulae look like. So, in the end, it all still comes down to that basic activity of going out and looking up. And, if you get hooked, you can take it at your own speed, learning the constellations, the names and motions of the planets, and eventually peering out to deep space with your own telescope and binoculars.   Deep down, were all astronomers and were descended from astronomers. So, when you go out tonight and look up, think about this: youre carrying on a tradition as old as humanity. Where you go from there - well, the skys the limit!

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International Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

International Management - Assignment Example The paper herein thus gives a full-scale discussion of the business meeting and communication culture in the United Arab Emirates and the larger Middle East region. Business meeting and communication culture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) operates under the laws of the Islam religion since the Middle East is an Islamic zone. Islam religion is the primary culture since it permeates all the societal segments of the United Arab Emirates. The religion is a guidance vessel that provides the rules for individuals lives, ways of executing business transactions and community relations. Thus, doing business in the UAE requires a person to have at least a modicum of the religions practices (Igarashi 2). The most fundamental practice that a person willing to do business in the region must understand is that Islamic prayers occur five times in a day. The prayer sessions are normally announced by different mosques using "azan". "Azan" is a call that is made in the form of an announcement for Muslims to go to the mosque and pray. Thus, business meetings or the execution of business dealings must be fitted within the times of the day that are not in the Muslims prayer schedules. Moreover, Fridays are the days that Muslims congregate to carry out their prayers as an obligatory practice for all men. Doing business on Fridays in the UAE is thus not a good idea since the day is considered a prayer day for the Muslim brothers. The Arab culture treats the female gender with outright sensitivity to an extent where women are mostly disallowed to engage in any business transactions. The interaction between Arab women and an outsider is thus an out-and-out prohibition unless special permission is given to an outsider. Finding women in business dealings is hence an uncommon scenario since the business field is male-dominated and restricted such that women do not engage in it fully. For an outsider, this might be

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Asset Assesment and E-Commerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Asset Assesment and E-Commerce - Essay Example early internal audit reports Delineation of Authorities and Responsibilities Roles defined and responsibilities delineated for: Overall fixed asset officer: 1. planning and overseeing of system asset management 2. involving in the implementation of asset management plan 3. taking action of defective or obsolete assets Hardware and software custodians (as related): 1. obtaining resources 2. performing functions 3. documenting and maintaining records 4. deployment and controls 5. managing contract agreements, internal and external customers’ relationships Asset Management manual and strategic plans, roles and responsibilities specified in the job description Organization-wide communication of the specified responsibilities Minutes of meetings, e-mails, posting in bulletin board Policies and Procedures Availability of policy and procedure development, periodic review, approvals, issuance, and control Approved policy and documented implementation Documented policies including: 1. Employees and leadership responsibilities on of software and hardware in use 2. limitations on the use of assets and software for personal use 3. compliance to legal and regulatory requirements, propriety and protection of data 4. asset acquisition 5. approval on installation and use of software 6. consequences of violating the policies Review of policies and documents on implementation Organization-wide communication of policies including: 1. newly joined employees during orientation period 2. continuing annually through in-house trainings 3. signing on acknowledgement 4. accessible to all anytime needed Publications through the e-mails, system database for manuals, adding to the code of conduct, e-mailing and minutes of meeting MANAGEMENT OF ASSETS INVENTORY Identification of Software Asset... This study shows that per audit checklist used, internal audit is not conducted periodically. Hardware changes are not covered in internal audit. Technology resources were not considered in the current year budget plan. Functions in control of assets overlap with overall fixed custodian and software and hardware custodians. Purchasing officer has nothing to do with assets contracts. Computer games are installed in the computer networks. No regular training of employees related to information technology. Positive findings deserve appreciation from the management to the responsible employees. â€Å"Keep up the good work.† On the other hand, all employees should get training on information technology. IT Department should be part of orientation program presenters for new employees. The human Resources yearly training program should include information technology topics. All employees should sign the â€Å"statement of confidentiality†. Storage of software, backup system an d consequences of information system violations should be included in the security policy.Findings from Belarc Advisor system audit recommendation should configure settings on account lockout, passwords, event logs, files permission, security options, user-right assignment and system services. Define policies for password issuance and usage, audit, the Internet, Explorer Seven and local computer. Impose restrictions on local computer administration templates, network, systems, and Windows. Create profiles for Windows firewall, domain, and standard.

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She walks in Beauty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

She walks in Beauty - Essay Example An insatiable urge to know the full details of her beauty grips the reader. However, the comparison of her beauty to the night immediately casts doubts, because the conventional attitude in literature has been to compare beauty to something which is bright. This confusion is immediately lifted with words like â€Å"cloudless† and â€Å"stars†. The third and fourth lines of the poem, â€Å"And all thats best of dark and bright/ Meet in her aspect and her eyes† (Byron), give an excellent description of her superb beauty. Darkness helps the stars to project their glow to their best. Similarly, the dark dress the lady wears promotes the glow of her face. There is a heavenly grace, says the poet, in the glow of her face. The poet now tries to convey the personality of the lady which her external beauty reflects. â€Å"One shade the more, one ray the less† (Byron) would have made her beauty slightly imperfect. The word â€Å"grace† now replaces the word â€Å"beauty†, because the poet moves from describing the outer features to express her inner qualities. The poet says that â€Å"the nameless grace/ Which waves in every raven tress† only shows â€Å"how dear their dwelling-place† is (Byron). Her thoughts are â€Å"pure†, and they are â€Å"serenely and â€Å"sweetly† expressed through her face. Thus, the poet has succeeded in turning the attention of the readers from their initial impression. They now realize that the lady not only walks with her physical beauty, but also carries with her a graceful soul. In the last stanza, the poet devotes three lines to repeat the greatness of her physical beauty by using the word â€Å"glow†, in stead of â€Å"â€Å"beauty†, and then spends the last three lines to explain her moral nature. On â€Å"that cheek, and oer that brow/ So soft, so calm, yet eloquent† (Byron) sit the smiles and glow. They speak about her human nature, of her â€Å"days in goodness spent†. She has â€Å"A mind at peace with all

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State of Confusion Paper Essay Example for Free

State of Confusion Paper Essay Determining the difference between personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction will help to determine which location a lawsuit should be filed in. Defining interstate commerce and which level of government has the right to place restrictions on the commerce is important when discussing a lawsuit. Understanding how lawsuits work as well as what lawyers will try to introduce within the court will allow the defendant to be able to better predict the outcome of the lawsuit. Personal Jurisdiction Personal jurisdiction also known as personam jurisdiction is the courts authority over the parties involved in the dispute (Melvin, S. P., 2011, p59). Personal jurisdiction, defined in this manner, the parties involved can be a business or an individual. It is the courts responsibility to determine fairness to all parties involved while complying with the laws of the federal constitutional requirements. The court determines personal jurisdiction over a party who lives in another state by a state long-arm statute. The court must determine if the out of state defendant, transacts business in the other state, commits a negligent act which leads to a loss to the other party, or owns property within the state (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p61). The court will look at Truckers lawsuit to determine if the State of Confusion’s statute causes a loss to Trucker’s business. The injurious effect will be taken into consideration at the lower courts level. Does the statute of the State of Confusion cause an injurious effect on the Tanya Trucker a resident of the State of Denial? Subject Matter Jurisdiction Subject matter jurisdiction is the courts authority over the dispute between the two parties (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p59). State courts are who handle any matter involving state statues, state common law or a state constitutional issue (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p60). The federal court will only hear matters in which arise from a federal statute or regulation, federal common law, or an issue with the U.S. Constitution. Federal courts may also hear matters when the parties involved are from two different states or if the monetary amount is greater than $75,000 (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p 60). The federal government will only provide a ruling based on state law if the diversity of citizenship is used. Both subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction must be satisfied before the federal court will be able to hear the case. In Tanya Truckers case against the State of Confusion the trial should be held in the federal courts within the State of Denial. The basis for this belief is because the matter between the State of Denial and Tanya Trucker is the nonresident (Trucker) is alleging loss to her business by the State of Confusion, therefore, the federal court within the State of Denial will hear the case but base the decision on the State of Confusions state statute as well as follow the Commerce Powers as defined by the US Constitution. Legal Issues Tanya Truckers attorneys will argue the State of Confusion has passed statues which attempt to regulate interstate commerce. The statue states all B-type truck hitches are required on all trucks which pass through the State of Confusion or the State requires the truck without the hitch to go around the State of Confusion therefore limiting the interstate commerce. This statue directly effects the Commerce clause of the US Constitution. The State of Confusion will argue the statue does not provide discriminatory laws on out of state business, the statue is a legitimate effort to regulate health, safety, and welfare (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p35). The State of Confusion will further argue the statue allows for the safety of the B-type hitches allows the fellow commuters on the highway protection because of the safety of the hitch which is installed. The hitch will prevent accidents to other motorists on the highway. The statue allows the state to protect the commerce on the highway by requiring the hitch be installed on all vehicles which pass through the state. The research presented allows me to conclude the court will side in favor of Tanya Trucker. The State of Confusion is discriminating against all trucks and towing trailers by forcing them to use a specific hitch or not pass through their state. This statue is in clear violation of the Commerce Clause set forth in the US Constitution. Stages of a Civil Suit In order to know the stages of a civil litigation it is important to know the definition of what civil litigation is. Civil litigation is a dispute resolution process where the parties and their counsel argue their view of a civil (noncriminal) controversy in a court of law (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p78). The stages of a civil litigation can overlap at times causing the stages to become blurred however, the stages help to allow the parties involved to understand the process and make sure a clear and concise resolution or ruling has been made. The stages of a civil litigation are, prelawsuit, standing, complaint and summons, answer, counterclaim, motions, discovery, pretrial conference, and trial. Following these stages and going through each stage completely allows for an unbiased verdict either by judge or jury. Prelawsuit Prelawsuit is an informal demand from one party to another. Prelawsuit allows for the parties or their attorneys to get together and discuss the issue. Prelawsuit is each party’s way of letting each other know what their demands are before a formal lawsuit is filed. This first step can help to resolve a number of issues before the costly issue of suit follows. Standing Standing is one party asserting a claim they have suffered an injury if fact, harm that is direct, concrete, and individualized, and articulates what legal redress exists to compensate for the injury (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p79-80). The standing formally tells the other party exactly what their conduct is doing to the economic interest of the business. Complaint and Summons The complaint and summons stage is also known as the pleadings stage. If no resolution in the informal stage can be attained then the formal proceeding begin with a complaint and summons. A complaint is the facts of the case in a formal matter which describes the liability and the defenses of the party (Melvin, S.P., 2011 p80). A summons is a formal notification to the defendant that s/he has been named in the lawsuit and informs them that an answer must be filed within a certain period of time (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p80). Answer An answer is a formal document which addresses each complaint from the defendant. This document usually states what each party agrees to and what each party still disputes. If the answer does not come in a timely matter the other party can be held in default which will allow for the other party to automatically lose the suit. Counterclaim A counterclaim is a way for the plaintiff to assert a countersuit establishing their credibility and attesting to damages by the defendant for not following the statue. The counterclaim being filed gives the defendant the ball in their court. They must now answer to the countersuit in a timely manner or be held in default. Motions A motion is a document filed by one party that requests court action in a matter pertaining to the litigation (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p84). A common motion filed in courts is the motion to dismiss. Discovery Stage The discovery stage allows each party to gather evidence to present in the pretrial conference and to be used in the trial. There are many different methods in the discovery stage. Depositions are common in this stage of discovery. Depositions are oral questions asked in front of a witness (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p84). Pretrial Conference A pretrial conference’s primary purpose is to encourage each party to agree to a settlement. If a settlement is reached the trial will not proceed. If a settlement is not reached then the parties will appear for the trial. The pretrial conference is usually each party and their respective attorneys appearing before the judge. Trial A trial as defined by the text The Legal Environment of Business generally takes place in front of a judge as the finder of law and a jury as the finder of fact (Melvin, S.P., 2011, p86). There are many stages to trial such as jury selection and opening, testimony and submission of evidence, closing arguments and charging the jury, deliberations and verdict, posttrial motions and appeals, and collecting the judgment. Trials can lead to a settlement when either party realizes they are found at fault prior to the verdict. A settlement can happen at any stage of the trial proceedings. References: Melvin, S. P. (2011). The legal environment of business: A managerial approach: Theory to practice. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.